SV SCOOL VALUE Sandbag Workout Bag, Sandbags for Fitness, Sand Bags Heavy Duty Workout with 6 Handles and 10-60 Lbs…


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Progressive Workouts
The workout sandbag is training equipment combining the advantages of household barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, and other fitness equipment. It provides a progressive way to perform WODs, Cross Training, Tactical Fitness, Athletes training. It helps you strengthen core, stabilizer muscles, and keep high-intensity cardio routines. All in all, you can benefit a lot after doing excises with the sandbag tens of times. The multiple handle options give you the freedom to do a range of high or low-level sandbag training workouts. We hope you will be pleased with this workout equipment.

Ultra Durable
Each fitness sandbag is made with top-notch materials and workmanship. Each bag employs PVC Tarpaulin for a durable and smooth finish. It feels comfortable and can withstand brute force without tearing. The rip-stop across the material is well done because seals around the handles, zippers, and inner filler bags are double stitching. Our power bag features double-sealed inner liners with double Velcro closure to avoid a sand leak.

What makes these training sandbag the choice
– Tough PVC Tarpaulin surface and nylon inner filler bag.
– Double-sealed inner liners with double Velcro closure design for unmatched containment.
– Multiple gripping handles for plenty of workout options.
– Adjustable weight to accommodate different fitness levels.
– Filler bag holds up to 10 lbs depending on the sand.

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DURABLE AND WATERPROOF: The material of the brute force sandbag–PVC Tarpaulin is a 3-ply fabric consisting of a piece of scrim laminated between two sheets of PVC. High strength, tear resistance, waterproof and eco-friendly.
ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT: The workout sandbag has six 10-pound filler bags. Personalize workout by adding or removing the sandbag filler from 10lbs to 60lbs. For all fitness levels from newbie to pro. DOES NOT INCLUDE SAND!
COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Six comfortable and flexible handles spread out around the strongman sandbag. Easy to grip and flex keep you from getting blisters. Allow for multiple hand positions and workouts, more limitless workout possibilities.
PERFECT WORKMANSHIP: X-shaped strong stitching at all seams to make the weighted sandbag more durable. All filler bags are designed with double-layered velcro to prevent bursting and sand leaks. Washable and can be folded for storage.
MULTIFUNCTION EXERCISE: Full-Body sandbag training to improve core strength and stabilize the muscles with deadlifts, carries, squats, presses, lunges, shoulder exercise, lifting exercise even throws!

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